YPS ‘Conquering MY Everest’ campaign: April 2019

YPS ‘Conquering MY Everest’ campaign: April 2019

The YPS Everest Base Camp Community Challenge team heads off to Mt Everest on 17th April 2019 (Youth Homelessness Matters Day) & we are inviting YOU to join us through the ‘Conquering MY Everest’ campaign.
The #CME campaign invites community members to:

  1. Pick a personal challenge they want to conquer- it might be learning a new language, learning how to ride a bike, give up smoking, lose a few kilos, put on a few kilos or take over the world!
  2. Sign-up to the #CME & pay $20 to receive a #CME pack. The pack contains all the information you need to be part of the online community campaign & share your journey with other participants.
  3. Help YPS spread the message that Youth Homelessness Matters & our community supports YPS in our goal to END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS.
  4. Conquer your personal challenge at the same time the YPS Everest Team conquers the Mountain.

We will be launching the #CME campaign on March 1st 2019- so keep your eye out, get ready to signup & join YPS in Ending Youth Homelessness in our local area.