YPS has supported thousands of Children and Young People over our 40 years of operation and every Young Person & THEIR story is individual, unique and important.

The reality of homelessness?

Some children/young people have experienced significant adversity, pain, torture, tragedy and trauma and each individual story is an amazing story of survival. What shines through is children/young peoples strength, their skills, their survival strategies, their compassion and their determination. These are the qualities we focus on and we support children/young people to focus on these qualities of themselves as well.

Please also note that no names have been used and no locations or identifying information will be provided. All stories are true & factual.

Male - 17 when first accessed YP Space

A young man who has been working with us for over a year has just secured a private rental in the Port Macquarie area.

In the past year he has resided in a Refuge then moved to a Transitional Housing package with My Foundations Youth Housing. He was worked through many personal issues with his YPS Case Worker and has also secured employment.

He feels very positive about his future for the first time.

Female - 16 when first accessed YP Space

A 16 year old Young Person entered a YPS Crisis refuge after finding themselves homeless.

With the support of MyFoundations Youth Housing and YP SPACE MNC, the Young Person gained a Transitional housing property where they gained valuable living skills.

The Young Person has now relocated interstate to be with family and is striving towards their career goals by studying at TAFE.

This Young Person also received support from the following organisations: New Horizons, Children and Mental Health Support (CAMS) as well as their local high school.

Male - 17 when first accessed YP Space

A 17 year old Young Person was couch surfing for sometime as it was not safe to return home.

The Young Person spent 3 months in a YP SPACE Crisis Refuge, gaining skills to live independently. During this time they gained the self confidence to obtain two casual jobs and also enrolled in TAFE.

The Young Person has recently secured their own unit and have set it up just how they like it.

Huge shout out to Mission Australia (Transition to Work Program), New Horizons and TAFE NSW.

Female – 17 when first accessed YP Space

A pregnant 17 year old Young Person self referred to YP SPACE due to inadequate living conditions at home.

With the help of their YP SPACE Case Woker, the Young Person was approved for transitional housing and got settled prior to bub being born.

During this time, the Young Person was able to get driving lessons and gained her drivers license.

After 10 months, this Young Person was approved for a larger property in the private rental market.